Mediterranea, the Journey of Beauty

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The High Jewelry collection Mediterranea showcases a layering of Mediterranean inspirations that combine Eastern and Western cultures, Byzantine and Roman nuances, as well as references to North African sensations and the sumptuousness of Baroque art in southern Italy.

Images courtesy of © Bvlgari, German Larkin, Gabriel De La Chapelle

Bulgari invites us to embark on an imaginary journey through the Mediterranean – a region that has inspired the creation of its latest High Jewelry collection, Mediterranea. Drawing from the rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions of this ancient cradle of civilization, the Roman Maison has crafted a collection that is a testament to bold creativity and masterful craftsmanship.

The intricate layering of arts and culture, gathered from this magnificent journey through time and space, has resulted in a collection that is both breathtakingly beautiful and timeless.

And if Rome remains the eternal and always beloved source of inspiration for Bulgari, in this new adventure the Maison extends its gaze to the city of Venice, a cultural crossroads that over the centuries has gathered the diverse influences of the Mediterranean, winning the role of the perfect setting to unveil the new High Jewelry collection.

It is during this unforgettable night that Bulgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin highlighted the value of this choice:

With Mediterranea, Bulgari reveals its new collection of Haute Jewellery, embarking on an epic and immersive journey from Rome, the eternal city and perennial source of creative inspiration for Bulgari, to Venice, the greatest cultural crossroads of the Mediterranean, where the Byzantine Roman Empire joined the Western Roman Empire to give birth to an inclusive and simply extraordinary art and architecture. It is with great honor that we celebrate the vision of founder Sotirio Bulgari with magnificent creations that represent the pinnacle of the Bulgari identity of bold creativity and exceptional workmanship”.

Reciprocal contamination, eclecticism and syncretism are the defining features of this collection that showcases a layering of Mediterranean inspirations that combine Eastern and Western cultures, Byzantine and Roman nuances, as well as references to North African sensations and the sumptuousness of Baroque art in southern Italy.

The High Jewelry collection is a tribute to the beauty and essence of the Mediterranean in all its forms. For me, being in a Mediterranean region is like an awakening of the senses and an absolutely inspiring experience. The architecture, the nature, the people…I can discern beauty everywhere. It is a magnificent melting pot where different cultures and societies have mixed together in mutual enrichment through the centuries. Our hospitality and open-mindedness is rooted in this history” added Bulgari Jewelry Creative Director Lucia Silvestri.

During the official presentation event, held in the exceptional location of the Doge’s Palace, one of the most emblematic symbols of Venice, many of the Global Ambassadors of the Maison were invited to immerse themselves in a universe of beauty and wonder. Among these pages we present only a short selection among the most outstanding masterpieces of the Mediterranea collection wore by them. Let your eyes be captivated by these astonish jewels.

Eva Herzigova – Muse of Rome necklace

The sense of eternal beauty that has always characterized the city of Rome permeates the Muse of Rome necklace. A stunning 218.53-carat emerald represented a unique challenge for Bulgari Jewelry Creative Director Lucia Silvestri, who had to imagine a design capable of lightly balancing the weight and carat of the gemstone while enhancing its extraordinary characteristics. Through the support of two of the Maison’s master craftsmen, Lucia managed to create a unique structure that enhances the removable central pendant with absolute elegance.

Model Show – Roman Esedra sautoir

Inspired by the timeless aesthetic of Roman architecture, the Roman Esedra sautoir sports a mesmerizing 68.88-carat emerald set in a hexagonal pendant. A tribute to an iconic Bulgari piece from the 1970s, this necklace features a harmonious combination of gemstones ranging from emeralds to amethysts to turquoise. The unique color combination, which also returns in the yellow gold chain, reflects Bulgari’s signature exuberance, deeply rooted in the Mediterranean basin.

Crystal Liu – Sicilian Light necklace

One hundred diamonds suspended in a chandelier-style composition, the Sicilian Light necklace embodies the white marbles of Ortigia and the ancient Greek heritage of Sicily. Bulgari eclectic spirit shines through the exquisite craftsmanship of this necklace intertwining elegance and allure.

Lisa of Blackpink – Passage To Emerald necklace

Passage To Emerald necklace showcases expert Roman craftsmanship and evokes a luminous fantasy. Inspired by the arched doorways of Mughal palaces, the platinum necklace is adorned with pavé-set and round brilliant-cut diamonds and nine pear-shaped emeralds.

Priyanca Chopra – Constantinople necklace

Unexpectedly lavishing gem combination. Decorated with diamond pavé, Constantinople necklace features a blend of citrine, rubellite, acquamarine, morganite and green tourmaline – a tribute to the Byzantine Empire. A sumptuous necklace, its magnificence reflects the brand’s cultural heritage.

Zendaya – Yellow Diamond Hypnosis Serpenti necklace

The Yellow Diamond Hypnosis necklace carries on the long-lasting tradition of the captivating Serpenti symbol. The graceful loops beautifully surround the 15.50 ct central yellow diamond, and three round brilliant-cut yellow diamonds, gently guarding the stones.

Lok the entire Jewels Show in the beautiful setting of magical Venice

For more info, discover all the Collection BVLGARI Mediterranea

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Mediterranea, the Journey of Beauty