NORN, embarking on a Majestic Journey

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Discover NORN, crafted by Lürssen and adorned with Espen Oeino’s visionary design. This extraordinary 90m vessel blends geometric precision with opulent interiors. With a commitment to sustainability, NORN showcases cutting-edge technologies for a responsible voyage.

Images courtesy of © Lürssen, Charl van Rooy, Carl Groll

The latest marvel from the esteemed German shipyard Lürssen, NORN, gracefully sets sail, representing the unwavering trust of her owner to the builder.

NORN, in fact, was commissioned by a seasoned couple of owners, whose twenty years of seafaring experience aboard a previous 70-meter superyacht, also crafted by the venerable Lürssen shipyard, drove their demand for top-tier design, engineering prowess, and unparalleled comfort for their family’s seafaring adventures.

In a truly exceptional decision, the owner opted for an extraordinary and unprecedented yacht that defies conventional design norms. The exterior of NORN, entrusted once again to the visionary designer Espen Oeino, boasts striking aesthetics, characterized by flat surfaces, sleek lines, and bold angles. The crispness of the exterior styling exudes a geometrical precision that permeates every facet of the yacht, turning heads as it effortlessly surges through the waves.

NORN (Project 1601) boasts majestic proportions, measuring a remarkable 90 meters (295’2”) in length and an overall beam of 14.7 meters (48’2”). It proudly unveils its resolute character and explorer’s soul across its five exquisitely designed decks. The steel hull and aluminum superstructure contribute to its voluminous 3,491 gross tonnage (GT).

The interior of NORN remains shrouded in absolute discretion, inviting the beholder to engage in intuition and imaginative reverie. The meticulous work of Hamburg-based design studio Dölker+Voges, renowned for their involvement in other highly successful gigayacht projects, seamlessly carries forward the design ethos of the exterior, ensuring a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

The voluminous main deck tantalizes the senses with its expansive spaces, leaving room for the boundless realms of imagination. At the bow, imposing garage doors beckon exploration, while astern, a grand salon offers an enchanting view of the liftable pool floor, illuminated to create a captivating dance floor.

The upper deck unveils a realm of profound serenity, basking in abundant natural light that gracefully filters through generous glass surfaces. Notably, it features two skillfully organized spaces, including a protected winter garden that seamlessly flows into the outdoor deck, perpetually accessible from both the main and upper decks.

A private haven, the sundeck unveils itself as an idyllic vantage point for indulging in uninterrupted hours of navigation, caressed by ocean breezes, or for gazing upon the horizon in secluded enclaves, embodying the spirit of intrepid adventurers while ensconced in unyielding comfort, aided by expansive windows that frame the breathtaking vistas.

At the bow of the bridge deck, a jacuzzi takes center stage, surrounded by ample sofas, providing a sun-drenched sanctuary. When desired, this space can be enjoyed even during winter, offering views of snowy and polar landscapes. Elevated at the stern of the bridge deck, a spacious helipad awaits, capable of accommodating a medium-sized helicopter (e.g., Airbus ACH145), allowing the owner discreet and expeditious arrivals and departures. Alternatively, this space can be utilized to house a maneuverable service RIB, subtly positioned and almost imperceptible to the eye, courtesy of a skillfully installed crane. Moreover, this area is ideal for hosting onboard parties, effortlessly accessible to guests from the deck below.

The lower deck reveals a realm of utmost privacy, where grand surprises await behind its imposing side doors. Here, a beach club beckons, accompanied by an array of water toys, offering not only relaxation but also exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping experiences.

True to the Lürssen heritage, NORN showcases cutting-edge technologies and engineering systems that prioritize comfort in every circumstance. Zero-speed stabilizers and a dynamic positioning system enable electronic anchoring in environmentally sensitive and remote areas, preserving the marine ecosystem and ensuring secure mooring, regardless of water depth. This commitment to marine sustainability has long been dear to the shipyard, actively advocating for awareness and protection of the world’s oceans.

Throughout the construction process, Cornelsen & Partner played a pivotal role as the project manager within the owner’s team, contributing invaluable expertise to realize the owner’s vision.

NORN has already captured the attention of Northern European waters and soon, we eagerly anticipate her presence in warm, crystalline seas, or amidst the captivating allure of remote and adventurous locales, where she will undoubtedly captivate the hearts and souls of discerning travelers, ardent lovers of luxury, and devotees of the sea.

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NORN, embarking on a Majestic Journey