ACE, the latest Masterpiece

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This magnificent superyacht is not only the largest ever built by the shipyard Conrad but also in Poland. ACE is the result of meticulous craftsmanship by skilled artisans and accomplished engineers, offering unparalleled comfort and a delightful ambiance that promotes uncompromised privacy and tranquility.

Images courtesy of © Tom Van Oossanen

Conrad Shipyard has scored a remarkable achievement with its latest creation, ACE. This magnificent superyacht is not only the largest ever built by the shipyard but also in Poland. ACE made its debut in late 2022 in Gdansk and now sets sail with strength and determination to explore distant seas.

With an already impressive collection of international awards, ACE continues to garner well-deserved recognition. The success of this superyacht is evident in its numerous international accolades, a testament to the expertise of its Swiss owner, who appreciates the immense potential of a shipyard with twenty years of experience and boundless talent, always ready for new challenges.

ACE, designated as Inside C144s, is the result of meticulous craftsmanship by skilled artisans and accomplished engineers. They have added another captivating chapter to Conrad Shipyard’s young and thrilling history under the guidance of Mikołaj Król, Chairman, and CEO of Conrad, who cannot contain his enthusiasm for the international recognition achieved: “The boat is a magnificent combination of harmony, elegance, and sophisticated craftsmanship. This is an entirely different world inside and outside. A piece of art and timeless sculpture, I said to myself with a pride when I saw ACE on the water for the very first time.”

With a volume just below 500 GT (497 to be precise), ACE offers unparalleled comfort and a delightful ambiance that promotes uncompromised privacy and tranquility. The exquisite interior, crafted with the highest quality materials, unfolds within the superb 44.5-meter (145 ft 3 in) vessel, providing an experience of prestigious cruising.

The British studio Reymond Langton, renowned for its skilled pen and creativity, played a crucial role in defining ACE’s identity. The exterior design boasts modern, elegant, and timeless lines. This design holds significant importance for the future, as ACE represents the first unit of the C144s line, with more to follow in the coming years.

ACE’s bold and striking silhouette reflects a powerful and dynamic presence on the water, with a substantial maximum beam of 8.9 meters (29 ft 2 in). Its straight and imposing bow confidently cuts through the waves, showcasing its steel hull and purely white aluminum superstructure, accentuated by the glossy black bulwarks and hull band.

The soft lines and meticulously crafted details reveal proportional beauty from every angle. ” Our signature undercut “rolling wave” on the superstructure reflects the sky above and the water below, simultaneously casting captivating shadows on the decks as the sun moves across the sky” describes Reymond Langton Design Studio. The exterior decks harmoniously merge with the interior design, offering a unique and refreshing approach to spacious areas.

The renowned Dutch firm Diana Yacht Design collaborated with Conrad Shipyard to define the naval architecture and create a unique hull. This collaboration follows their successful partnership on the previous superyacht, Viatoris, delivered in 2018, which also received great acclaim. The conscious synergy is summarized in Diana’s words: “Our team of engineers went the extra mile to make the construction easier for the yard’s craftsmen to build and for the crew to maintain after completion. We took special care of the fuel economy with clever construction solutions for weight reduction.”

M2 Atelier, the Milan-based studio led by the indissoluble duo Marco Bonelli and Marijana Radovic, shaped ACE’s interior soul. Their synergy embodies the Italian essence, tailored to perfection according to their cherished philosophy: “Less is enough,” conveying a more fluid and informal concept. This approach is beautifully demonstrated in the main salon, where openness and transparency converge, creating a vast and inviting space. 

Moreover, almost all the furnishings have been designed to give the sensation of being suspended from the ground, accentuating the feeling of continuity and the concept of a ‘floating home.’ The full-height windows provide generous and invaluable natural light, bestowing an airy elegance upon the salon, offering a continuous majestic view of the oceanic landscape. 

The superyacht can comfortably accommodate up to 10 guests in 5 beautifully furnished cabins. The master room is positioned at the bow of the Main Deck, with two VIP rooms and two guest rooms located in the center of the Lower Deck.

The designers opted for the use of carefully selected materials, with light wood (oak on the interior, teak on the exterior), marble, gray leather, light fabric, and dark metal taking center stage. In this way, the interiors create a sense of original exclusivity and generosity derived from meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, emphasizing high quality while eschewing opulent accumulation of superfluous materials.

Onboard the vessel, the emphasis is placed on continuity and perspective between the interior and exterior decks. ACE offers vast outdoor relaxation areas: all spaces on board are entirely customized and adapted to the navigation plans and lifestyle of the owner. 

Upon boarding, hospitality is immediate with a generous lounge area to relax and rejuvenate with a refreshing welcome cocktail before the doors of the Main Deck open, revealing a surprisingly designed Main Saloon that accentuates its volume with large sofas and is complemented by an inviting dining table for ten guests, perfect for a gourmet lunch prepared in the nearby main galley. 

Moving along the corridor to the right, you reach the center of ACE where the central staircase is located, providing access to the other decks. A few steps forward towards the bow, and the owner’s cabin of ACE opens up, expressing the quintessence of expanding the overall perception of space. “The spaces allowed us to experiment and push the boundaries. Every corner of the boat was designed to create spaces that were like those found in much larger vessels” explain Marco Bonelli and Marijana Radovic from M2. The detailed nature of the interiors is created by large windows, a sofa, a king-size bed, and suspended bedside tables, all balanced in perfect lighting. Sections of mirrored glass integrated into the ceiling expand the space. The full-beam master bathroom is entirely clad in white Lasa marble, featuring two monolithic sinks and a spacious central shower cabin.

Ascending the stairs to the Bridge Deck, you reach the command bridge salon with an asymmetrical and informal lounge area, featuring a comfortable L-shaped sofa extending below a row of panoramic windows, while a bookshelf conceals a large-screen TV behind a panel. Towards the aft, seamlessly connected, the Alfresco area opens up with a lovely table for intimate outdoor breakfasts or dinners, allowing guests to enjoy the evening while admiring the stars from the comfort of the sofas. At the bow, the captain maneuvers and directs all onboard operations from the wheelhouse, which includes an operational office and a dedicated cabin, always ready for action. Some guests can enjoy the navigation experience by sitting next to the captain and observing the maneuvers, while others can venture outside safely and sink into generous sofas for a healthy tan or indulge in a cocktail with the sea breeze on their faces. Here, there is also a conveniently maneuverable crane for launching one of the two RIBs available on board. 

Ascending externally to the Sun Deck, you reach ACE’s highest point, offering a complete panoramic view and a generous open space awaiting guests for their morning workouts, featuring a treadmill to keep in shape or yoga sessions with a salute to the sun. A dining table and a pleasant bar corner with six designer stools are perfect for enjoying a refreshing smoothie or savoring an aperitif in the shade while awaiting the sunset. The infinity pool at the bow provides an opportunity to enjoy panoramic views in utmost privacy, fulfilling all requests for perfect relaxation. It’s not just for rest and sunbathing, though. At sunset, it transforms into a glamorous and imaginative venue for carefree parties. Two powerful stabilizers ensure maximum comfort, even accommodating some excessive dance steps. 

Descending to the Lower Deck, guests are welcomed into four guest cabins with private bathrooms, all characterized by a light and relaxing color scheme, with subtle variations on the theme. ” Shape is the result of an optimized relationship between space and structure” says M2 Atelier. 

The splendid aft platform with a Beach Club is truly a delight, serving as a starting point for water activities with the available Jet Skis and SeaBobs in the nearby transverse garage, along with the second service RIB. It is also the perfect meeting point with the water, an essential element of this adventure where simply dipping your feet can make you feel at peace with the sea. 

At the bow, the professional crew of 8 members finds accommodation in 4 double cabins, always ready for any operation and at the disposal of guests and their requests. Service areas are also located here. 

On the same deck, adjacent to the garage, is the Engine Room that propels ACE with two powerful diesel engines and two Caterpillar generators, allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 13.8 knots or achieve a transoceanic cruising range of 5,100 nautical miles at 10 knots, facilitated by low aerodynamic resistance and efficiency guaranteed by the hull design.

With her remarkable autonomy, this versatile vessel can dedicate herself to exploring new horizons and embarking on long stays at sea alone, or simply enjoying the warm and crystalline Mediterranean coasts.

ACE is truly a masterpiece superyacht, and after her launching and international debut, she will be available to her owner and a select group of charter enthusiasts who can seize the opportunity to embrace her essence and her value.

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ACE, the latest Masterpiece