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BLUE is the largest launch so far this year in terms of both length – an impressive 160m (524.9ft) – and volume. She ranks fifth in the special ranking of the world’s largest superyachts, and is the second largest superyacht built by the German yard Lürssen.

Images courtesy of © Tom van Oossanen, Lürssen

BLUE, the exceptional Gigayacht from the prestigious German shipyard Lürssen, begins her fantastic adventure as she heads out to the Mediterranean to experience her first exciting season at sea after the series of successful sea trials held over the past few months.

The maiden voyage of this splendid vessel, which left Bremen recently, is repaying the long wait of her new owner. She will not go unnoticed on the seas she sails. BLUE is the largest launch so far this year in terms of both length – an impressive 160m (524.9ft) – and volume, with a beam of 22.5m (73.8ft) and over 15,000 GT. She ranks fifth in the special ranking of the world’s largest superyachts, and is the second largest superyacht built by the German yard.

The yacht’s details were kept strictly secret throughout the construction process, and still remain protected by privacy measures, but her extremely clean lines and evergreen identity are easy to appreciate.

Admiring her fluid forms, one observes no less than seven decks, two helipads, one at the bow for any type of commercial helicopter and one at the stern for easy access in Touch & Go mode.

There are generous spaces for outdoor entertainment on each of the four upper decks. An extremely open and functional sundeck is available, perfect for hosting private and exclusive parties.

The heliport at the bow affords easy access to the owner’s deck, and a beach club at the stern offers fun by the water, with the possibility of storing an extreme, extensive collection of water toys.

There are many elements to discover, such as the style and detail of the bow cabin balconies on both sides of the vessel and the anchor exit points endowed with opening panels that are closed while sailing, making the yacht’s lines even more flowing.

BLUE has a personality and design that has rightfully earned the fame she deserves. The name stresses her strong connection with the sea, in all the most intense or crystalline shades. Not surprisingly, her ecological footprint is a theme dear to her owners and firmly rooted in the Lürssen shipyard, which for years has been doing its utmost to support epochal change with research and technological development, in addition to social awareness actions in the form of sundry ocean-protecting projects. Efficiency and the desire to be as environmentally friendly as possible were the key factors for deciding on-board technology. BLUE is equipped with highly efficient diesel-electric hybrid propulsion technology developed by Lürssen’s engineering specialists. The technology used combines diesel propulsion with modern, efficient electric propulsion systems. BLUE’s system consists of two diesel engines driving two variable pitch propellers through individual gearboxes. These gearboxes are equipped with PTI/PTO units that can be used either for electric propulsion (reduced speeds) or to generate electricity to run the ship at higher speeds. BLUE is also equipped with an electric azimuth pod drive, which can be used separately or, when the PTI units are engaged, with the two propeller shafts. This huge technological challenge, in view of her size and functions, has been fully conquered, and may set the course towards new standards in the boating world.

To generate less noise and vibration and reduce nitrogen oxide levels, moreover, BLUE is equipped with a state-of-the-art exhaust after-treatment system, especially relevant as we approach magnificent shorelines, a true heritage to be preserved using every sustainable solution. The wastewater treatment plant is also equipped with a new membrane technology that enables the safe disposal of treated wastewater in ‘drinking water quality’.

BLUE took many years to come to fruition, with extreme and precise design and planning required to meet delivery deadlines to the highest standards of excellence, something that Lürssen shipyards are used to achieving with extreme rigour.

Peter Lürssen, iconic figure and Managing Partner of the shipbuilding firm, has expressed both enthusiasm and satisfaction about the results: ” To execute such a comprehensive project, an excellent team is necessary “. In this case, the team consisted of the Owner’s technical project management team, the design team from Terence Disdale who are responsible for the contemporary exterior and the traditional fresh interior design and of course, Lürssen’s own project team. And he continues: “We are very proud of BLUE as yet another statement of Lürssen’s ability and desire to build yachts that meet all of our exacting Owners’ requirements, guided by our core focus of expert engineering, beautiful design and being a proud market leader in developing sustainable technologies.”

Thanks to her structural qualities, BLUE will be able to set sail to distant oceans in great comfort and view breathtaking landscapes or approach magnificent coastlines and enjoy unforgettable sunsets. Her owner will be able to host a large number of guests thanks to the availability of space and a large number of private areas and exclusive on-board services, with the support of a numerous professional crew ready to meet every request and eventuality, whether at sea, at anchor or in one of the exclusive marinas capable of giving her a berth and showing her potent beauty up close.

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Pure BLUE, green soul