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Inspired by the magic of the sea, Ondes et Merveilles is the latest astonishing high jewelry collection from French house Chaumet. A tribute that translates into waves and wonder designed by the expert artisans of 12 Place Vendôme

Images courtesy of © Chaumet

Ondes et Merveilles is the fantastic haute joaillerie collection from French house Chaumet inspired by the magic of the sea. A tribute that translates into waves and wonder designed by the expert artisans of 12 Place Vendôme for a new creative chapter inspired by the magic of the sea. A long bond stemmed from and narrated through the passion cherished by the son of a long-distance captain, Joseph Chaumet. He was responsible for the transfer of the Maison to 12 Place Vendôme. Decorated in honour of its owner, Baron Baudard de Saint-James, Treasurer-General of the Navy under Louis XVI, the hôtel particulier contains a listed salon with a parquet floor decorated with a compass rose and mouldings representing prows, masts, sails, anchors and crabs.

115 years after that magical settlement, we admire the splendor of new inspirations that draw their names from it, each with their own story.

With “À Fleur d’Eau”, precious stones shine on the seashore. Marquise diamonds turn into sparkling drops evoking endless transparencies on the water surface. A white gold parure consisting of a necklace embellished with a detachable pear-shaped diamond of 7.18 carats with five marquise-cut diamonds for 2.71 carats, marquise-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds is combined with pendant earrings with one oval-cut diamond of 2.10 carats, one oval-cut diamond of 2.08 carats, 4 marquise-cut diamonds for 3.28 carats, marquise-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds for an illuminating look, with a 3-carat diamond ring worn on the finger.

A precious ring worn on the finger featuring an oval-cut D VVS2 diamond of 3.03 carats, three marquise-cut diamonds for 1.92 carat, marquise-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds.

On the other hand, the “Gulfstream” collection is inspired by the Gulf Stream, the current from Florida that warms the seas through which it passes.

The Gulfstream parure combines warm and cold colours, in two tonal pairings – green and blue, orange and blue. The character of a 26-carat, mint-green Colombian cushion-cut emerald is expressed through contact with a Madagascar sapphire cushion cut of 7,15 carats on an undulating necklace set with sapphires, Paraiba tourmalines and emeralds. Adjustable thanks to a chain with a pompom adorned back, a second necklace pairs a cabochon emerald with a bewitching 19.84-carat black Australian opal. Gulfstream transformable earrings set with two pear-shaped pink spinels of 3.37 and 3.31 carats, two oval-cut Mandarin garnets of 3.61 and 3.47 carats, round sapphires, pear-shaped red spinels, chalcedony motifs and brilliant-cut diamonds. Also in white gold is a Gulfstream ring, set with a cushion-cut sapphire of 5.11 carats from Madagascar, baguette-cut and round emeralds and sapphires, round Paraiba tourmalines and brilliant-cut diamonds.

Inspired by suspended time, in harbour or in an inlet, when the sails are lowered and the

engines cut, the “Escales” parure illustrates the art of colour central to the Maison. On a short necklace in white and rose gold, one cushion-cut red spinel of 10.08 carats and five oval-cut red spinels for 6.08 carats in an exceptional brick red hue sings out against sapphires evoking translucent waters. The narrative impact of this chromatic combination imbues pearcut diamond drop climbing earrings (two pear-shaped diamonds of 2.05 & 2.04 carats, two oval-cut red spinels of 1.03 & 1.00 carats). Set with a pearshaped Paraiba tourmaline crowned with a tiara of spinels, another ring evokes the rocking motion of boats at anchor, their reflection imperceptibly shifting when a speedboat passes offshore.

Finally, along a new modern and exciting route we discover “Encres”, the collection with which the Maison has turned the symbols traditionally tattooed on sailors into 

precious unisex brooches. Beautifully proportioned statement pieces, destined for characterful women and men.

Worn traditionally on the heart side, or casually on the rolled-up sleeve of a shirt, each tattoo brooch represents an evocative scene with passionate messages.

Recalling a barely veiled sky, turquoise dialogues with diamonds depicting clouds, a seagull or an albatross. Standing out in Grand Feu enamel, the sea looks as if it might gush out of the brooch once the anchor is dropped. Propelled by a tailwind, a two-masted boat embodies the inscription on its rolled up banner, “L’amour est une aventure” (“Love is an adventure”). Set with a heart-shaped ruby, the message slipped overboard into a rock-crystal bottle invokes the plea “Ne m’oublie pas” (“Forget me not”), while a lighthouse rising in a rudder-like frame makes literal the credo “L’amour me guide” (“Love is my guide”).

The final flourish: each brooch conceals a pendant ring that can be revealed as desired, to accommodate a gold chain and transform it into a necklace, appropriating those marine influences with extra style.

With this stunning collection, Chaumet manages to enchant even magical mermaids thanks to its beauty, creativity and brilliance.

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