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The latest addition to the Ferrari’s One-Off series is the SP48 Unica, already the crowning glory of the most exclusive group of Ferrari’s entire production, designed and forged according to the specifications of a loyal customer, with design and aerodynamic variations that enhance its unique sportiness and dynamism.

Images courtesy of © Ferrari

In the world of motorsport – where the horses are thoroughbreds – there is an ever-increasing thrill in the spasmodic attempts to characterize each new luxury supercar with minute details that allow it to stand apart, from extreme body colours to the stitching on individual seats and the most extreme customizations.

Wealthy drivers are eager to drive the latest high-performance four-wheeled behemoths, setting no limits to their luxury collections. The most coveted of a modern collector’s dreams is soon told: to acquire a one-off, iconic model that no one else can ever own or drive, built directly by the maker with its own serial number. And it’s not called ego, it’s pure passion! And if the passion is Red, everything is clearer. They are very well aware of this at Ferrari, and turn this spirit into a production choice aimed at connoisseurs committed to the pursuit of mechanical and electronic engineering excellence combined with iconic design and the most exhilarating and timeless beauty achieved by the Maranello marque.

This spirit has led to the birth of the Ferrari SP48 Unica, the latest addition to the One-Off series and already the crowning glory of the most exclusive group of Ferrari’s entire production, designed and forged according to the specifications of a loyal customer, with design and aerodynamic variations that enhance its unique sportiness and dynamism.

The SP48 Unica is a mid-rear-engined, two-seater sports berlinetta created from the platform of the F8 Tributo at the Ferrari Style Centre under the watchful eye of its Chief Design Officer Flavio Manzoni. He tells us about the passion, dedication and innovation behind this special and original creation: The Ferrari SP48 Unica pays homage to the fundamental values of the brand – passion and innovation – and represents a bold reinterpretation of the F8 Tributo that hits the initial objective of enhancing its racing soul. Thanks in part to the innovative technologies used, including parametric-procedural modelling and 3D prototyping techniques, the vehicle transforms an existing model in a new and effective way, through an original relationship between solids and voids, and a use of shaded gradients in the areas where cooling or aerodynamic crossings are needed.”

An aesthetic design that pushes the aerodynamic envelope very effectively. The painstaking thermo-fluidodynamic study has achieved a new aerodynamic balance point.

Its lines make it instantly recognisable with its elegant aggression, a distinctive sharp, forward-projecting front end and repositioned brake air intake.

The inlets for the engine cooling flows on the front bumper and beneath the rear spoiler are equipped with a deep grille angled to maximise air flow. The dedicated air intake for cooling the intercoolers immediately behind the side windows has made it possible to reduce the size of the intakes on the flanks, and the longer rear overhang reduces suction from the roof area, boosting rear downforce. 

This supercar is also unique in terms of its colour scheme, with a transition from black to body colour, involving windows, roof and engine cover. A pronounced visor effect at the front is heightened by the reduced size of the side windows and elimination of the rear screen, enhancing the muscularity of the SP48 Unica, which appears to be sculpted from a single block.

The central section of the roof contains a graphic representation of the air intakes, making reference to those in the rear part of the carbon fibre engine cover before the rear wing.

Upon entering the SP48 Unica, one’s eye is drawn to the polished sill covers with laser-etched hexagonal motif. Matte carbon-fibre embellishes the interior, giving a sense of technicality and exclusivity, and is complemented by the Grigio Canna di Fucile accents.

The cabin retains the identity of the F8 Tributo, with the elimination of the rear screen. Intense research went into the combination of colours and trim to assert the sporty and aggressive nature of the SP48 Unica, which sees its name uniquely inscribed inside. In addition, the laser-perforated black Alcantara® is used on seats and most of the cabin trim, leaving glimpses underneath of the iridescent reddish-orange fabric that matches the exterior colour.

Its motif echoes that of the hexagons of the grilles and livery on the roof, creating a pleasing continuity between the car’s interior and exterior.

Moving past pure design, the SP48 Unica boasts the highest level of performance accessible to any driver, drawing its power from the formidable and reliable F8 Tributo. The 3902 CC twin-turbo V8-90° engine is capable of unleashing over 720 horsepower up to 8000 rpm, managed through the F1 Gearbox 7-speed dual-clutch transmission that allows it to handle speeds of up to 340km/h and accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 2.90 seconds and from 0 to 200km/h in 7.8 seconds. In addition to its exceptional aerodynamics, its power output is controlled by the F1-inspired FTrack traction control and the Frd scm-e suspension system. And 245/35ZR 20 J9.0 front tyres and 305/30ZR 20 J11.0 rear tyres keep it well gripped on the asphalt.

For a one-of-a-kind Ferrari like the SP48 Unica, the exclusive Special Projects programme comes into play: each customer is involved in all stages of development and design verification, and experiences first-hand the long process of conception and realisation that can take over a year.

Each project starts with the customer’s idea, developed together with a team of designers from the Ferrari Style Centre. After defining the design aspects, detailed technical drawings and a scale model are produced, before construction of the unique car begins.

To aspire to this experience, the timing must be right, and this is dictated by several factors, including the special feeling that comes day after day and lap after lap on the fantastic Fiorano circuit.

And the price? Obviously not in the public domain, and very much personalized. But for a few moments, try to forget about that, and imagine the thrill of a unique experience combined with true passion. One of a kind, like the SP 48!

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one of a kind!