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AHPO is a giga yacht with a strong personality, inspired by nature. The extralarge dimensions – 115.10 m (377’6”) in length – combine an elegant, timeless prow with a harmonious superstructure. Her impressive volume is developed over five decks, designed by Nuvolari Lenard design studio.

Images courtesy of © Lürssen, Guillaume Plisson 

AHPO: a name steeped in mystery and passion, a superyacht that boasts exceptional features and top performance. She has been painstakingly developed and built by German shipyard Lürssen, accustomed to exceptional challenges and always seeking perfection. This latest project has been, we might say, another heralded success. AHPO is a giga yacht with a strong personality, inspired by nature.

Its extralarge dimensions – a whopping 115.10 m (377’6”) in length – combine an elegant, timeless prow with a harmonious superstructure, consisting of a modern aluminium and a solid steel hull. Her impressive volume (5,257 GT) is developed over five decks, designed by the iconic Nuvolari Lenard design studio. His extensive experience and passion for design has given the yacht an indissoluble relationship between exterior and interior spaces.

Her owner, with prior experience of megayacht making, has closely followed the build, with a clear brief in mind: to bring together elements of nature and create a harmonious balance throughout the craft, with a pallet of colorful, rich and sophisticated materials.  Flowers and plants are a distinct theme on board, a feature close to the owner’s wife’s heart. The result is a stylish, grown-up environment, with beautiful bespoke furniture framed against an understated, tasteful background.

AHPO’s realisation involved some of the world’s best engineers, designers and craftsmen, and was driven by the beating heart of her owner, who was looking for a perfect family space. Peter Lürssen explains: “The Owner was always very interested in every detail and was always close to the project, and he visited the shipyard as often as he could and between his visits was always kept up to date on progress by his representative at the shipyard”.He adds: “For Lürssen, the task was to build a motor yacht for a repeat client, an upgrade from his 86-metre Lürssen, who had many years of owning and chartering different types of yachts behind him. He required top-notch design and engineering as well as seagoing comfort for his family, guests and crew. The launch of AHPO is testament to the excellent team of builders, designers and engineers we have at Lürssen and the strong relationship with the client. Lürssen prides itself on meeting challenges and this one was no different!”. And Moran Yacht & Ship supervised the build on behalf of the Owner, with whom they have a longstanding relationship.

Her extremely refined interiors show off innovative spaces that offer an extraordinary combination of intimacy and conviviality, and that can be modified at the owner’s request.

Walking from the main deck aft it is possible to see the first of the special design solutions a

dopted to ensure flexible and functional spaces, where business and pleasure can co-exist. A comfortable and welcoming cockpit Dining Area is located close to a stylish board room, with a beautiful table for 12 guests and an antique map of Jamaica engraved in bronze and finished with deep blue resin – probably a place dear to her owners – beneath an eye-catching crystal chandelier. Thanks to the use of sliding doors this can be a private setting or opened up to reveal the Main Formal Saloon, housing a piano bar for sophisticated cocktails and a self-playing Steinway piano to create an atmosphere and entertain guests as they sit and chat on generous sofas. Artworks are cleverly placed to add a creative touch of class. A further series of doors leads to the formal dining room housing a large 22-seater table offering unparalleled privacy. Guests may wander from here to side balconies for the sea view. The lobby, next door, has a multi-section Wine Display with glazed doors and a temperature-controlled system, showcasing the fine wines kept on the craft.

From here we proceed towards the Grand Staircase, depicting an olive tree growing skywards, surrounded by cranes and decorations with a naturalistic theme, taking guests to all levels.

A striking crystal sculpture hangs from the ceiling, made up of falling feathers, each made by hand. The accent marbles are different on each deck, acting as a subtle map of Blu Onyx, Green J’adore and Grey Lilac. The floor is always Calacatta Borghini and White Onyx for the petals, and there is a wonderful bronze balustrade. There is also a convenient lift next to it to take guests to all decks.

Behind the stairs is a fully equipped pantry, offering gourmet dishes for guests. The prow houses four spacious Guest cabins with sea views, illuminated by iconic semi-circular windows.

The cabins share two design themes: flying cranes and flamingos, and refined details. Feathers stitched into the walls in suede, bespoke carpets with wing-like features and bathrooms where the marbles and mosaics merge using a unique and complex technique on the walls and floors.

The upper deck contains the welcoming Owner’s Deck, whose design focuses on providing a warm setting for family and friends. Aft, the informal lounge has a contemporary feel, with a soft carpet on which to walk and a striking latticed wood pattern everywhere. Three curved white sofas create a central space for entertaining, and there is a bespoke bar with a gaming table, suitable for guests of all ages. The standout space, however, is located beyond the sliding doors, on the aft deck. Here, a huge custom 16-seater dining table stands proudly in a winter garden, which can be fully opened up or closed to the elements through a complex set of sliding glass doors. This choice means that this area can be used even when temperatures outside drop. There is a lot of greenery and rattan furniture in this space, evoking a bygone golden era in an elegant and fresh way. Moving beyond the dining area and a second series of sliding doors, we come to the aft deck, which is dominated by two semicircles of comfortable, informal sofas. These provide ample room to gather after meals and relax or admire the sunsets and sunrises in company. Forward, beyond the Grand Staircase, there is a lobby that leads to two special VIP cabins for specific family members. The pink and green colour themes have been chosen by the family to distinguish the two. Gingko leaves are the main source of inspiration for the design of these two cabins, both featuring roll top style bathtubs, just like the master cabin bathrooms.

The most stunning part of the yacht is the owner’s apartment, consisting of a large cabin 245 sq.m in size, joined by a large private staircase to a 95 sq.m Panoramic Lounge on the upper deck. The owner’s cabin is spacious yet cosy, protected from the outside world. Thanks to its light, elegant and discreet design, a period of invigorating rest on board is guaranteed. The bespoke fabric headboard replicates the mosaic found in the master bathrooms, depicting the maple tree leaves and bluebirds of the room’s décor. A custom breakfast table has been made with the same lacewood timber as the rest of the room and mother-of-pearl. Two reclining sofas flank the bed, areas to prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Great care has been taken over the “his and her” bathrooms and dressing rooms, characterised by mosaic patterns and bold marbles. “His” bathroom and dressing room are a combination of honey onyx and black Portoro marble, with a stunning mosaic wall in the shower inspired by Klimt’s paintings. Murano glass from Venice takes centre space, also used on the pieces of furniture, which all have a cast glass frame. In “her” bathroom and dressing room pink has been chosen as the main marble colour. Pink Onyx, Viola Onyx and Onyx Fantastico complement one another while still looking distinct. There is a cherry tree theme, with elegant flowers and birds, replicated once again in the stunning mosaics of the shower. The custom vanity top is an intricate combination of different shades of Sycamore in various pinks and ivories, combined with rose gold and champagne gold metal inlays. There are two impressive freestanding tubs in both bathrooms, handmade and decorated in black and gold for him and rose gold and copper for her. Both bathrooms have their own crystal chandeliers, which match the colours of the rooms.

In an unusual but well-thought-out choice, it is not possible to walk around the outside of the owner’s cabin. Adopting a very smart layout, two recessed balconies were created on each side, facing onto the sea and protected by glass railings, forming an intimate space, with a semi-circular sofa and a coffee table, located in a a very quiet corner where sea breezes can be enjoyed in complete privacy.

The same lobby in front of the apartment provides access to the Skylounge Deck and the Panoramic Salon with a 180-degree view of the prow, an area traditionally intended for the owner’s cabin, but reflecting a design choice meticulously thought out by the designers who created it: “This is the essence of the design”, says Nuvolari. “This is the correct amount of visibility for this design, because if somewhere has complete view, then there is a lack of privacy from the outside which we didn’t want for the bedroom of the master cabin”. It is a salon instead that enjoys these incredible views, somewhere you are much more likely to want to enjoy a view from with sofas placed facing forward to make the most of the line of sight. Two beautiful, custom desks flank each end of the salon, turning the room into a private office if so desired. This also means that there is a clear delineation between places to work and places to sleep and means that if the owners want to have a private external meeting that it is kept completely separate from the sleeping quarters. “The owners are extremely happy with this solution, it suits them and their lifestyle very well,” says Nuvolari. “It was an unusual design idea that we decided to implement and they are very happy with the outcome”. It is therefore also the salon which has access to the foredeck and helicopter pad, which is positioned halfway between the owner’s and upper decks. This gives the salon a forward dining and lounging area that is inset and raised slightly above the bow, ensuring better views and protection, and meaning guests arriving by helicopter do not see into the master cabin. This gives the salon a forward dining and lounging area that is inset and raised slightly above the bow, ensuring better views and protection, and meaning guests arriving by helicopter do not see into the master cabin.

To keep fit on board or simply to relax, there is Gym aft with the latest gym gear and stunning sea views on both sides. There is also a pool over 8 metres long and 1.2 metres deep with a counter-current system for swimming. Glass sides at the front and back with the backlit yacht’s logo embedded between the windows in the structure, as well as coloured lighting, are fun features when the sun sets. There is a self-contained Jacuzzi on one side of the pool for a quick dip, and plenty of space to unwind and sit down on sofas and deckchairs. A large bar makes this area a clear favourite for informal family days.

On the Bridge Deck, the entire aft deck has been left unencumbered, making this a totally flexible area. Open to the rays of the sun, it can also be protected using removable fabric shades. Moveable furniture and sun loungers can be placed here, or it can be left open as both a yoga platform at sunrise and a dance floor at midnight, lit up by wonderful sea-reflected lights.

At the bow is the high-tech Wheelhouse, which boasts un unrivalled view. This is where the 115-metre long, 18-metre wide yacht is steered from. It is finished with precious woods and leathers for the delight of guests wishing to experience the sailing side of the trip alongside the captain and crew. The Captain’s Cabin and Ship’s Office is also here, where all onboard activities are planned and coordinated.

On the Lower deck there is the final Guest cabin, the layout of which is similar to the others, but it is ideal for younger, more active guests seeking to take advantage of days in the beach club or on the water. Next door is the very comfortable cinema for 12 people, with luxurious armchairs on which to watch thrilling movies.

The Wellness area makes a real impact, with its 205 sq.m of space. A luxurious massage room and beauty salon suggest a zen atmosphere, aided by a colourful mosaic making up the Hammam, Jacuzzi and plunge pool, with colours going from inky Navy to pale sky blue. Aft is a large bamboo tree encased in backlit frosted glass, which forms a stunning backdrop to a fresh, stylish bar with soft sofas on which to sit or lie down and enjoy the scents of the sea and the views from the balcony.

And when the vessel is at anchor, an open sea terrace allows guests to enjoy the Beach Club and relative platform, flush to the water, perfect for diving and playing with the water toys, including four jet-skis, with the crew always ready to lend a hand.

The 37 crew members are accommodated in the bow of the lower deck in 21 cabins. There is also a very spacious Crew Mess and a private gym for crew and staff to stay fit, a request from the owner himself, who is keen to ensure workers’ wellbeing.

The yacht is propelled by two powerful engines (MTU 20V 4000 M73 and 3 MTU 12V 2000 M41) that can be admired from a glass walkway crossing the Engine room, a futuristic addition that allows the owners and guests to see the impressive engines and mechanical spaces in complete safety. She can reach a speed of 18 knots and a cruising speed of 12 knots, with a range of 8,500 nautical miles, so is able to travel to distant paradises and stay safely at sea for long periods. The new build also has great respect for the surrounding marine environment. She boasts high-tech onboard engineering, with a state-of-the-art exhaust after-treatment system to reduce nitrogen oxide levels and generate less noise and vibration. Each diesel generator set is also equipped with an additional heat exchanger to create an extra heat cycle, connecting the pool, hot tub and service water systems, reducing heat energy losses by repurposing energy and reducing the need for onboard electric heating systems elsewhere.

When thinking about the owners and guests stepping aboard from one of her two custom limo tenders, exterior and interior designers Nuvolari Lenard had a very simple objective: perfection. “When they approach the boat from any angle, they need to look and simply say, ‘wow I like her a lot” says Carlo Nuvolari. “That’s all I want. They just simply have to be in love with the boat.”

Once on board this splendid vision of family hospitality and passion for nature in synergy with creative, technical and production excellence, APHO can set sail in search of warm Caribbean paradises or reach any enchanted place on earth bathed by the seas.

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