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Unique 71 aims to look and work as the most dynamic speedform, featuring a silhouette that excites you and leaves you breathless, thanks to her proportions, cleanness and three-dimensional surfaces. She is the result of the expressive thinking of the SkyStyle design studio 

Images courtesy of Sky Style

A yacht as unique as the prime number representing its length: 71 metres of unprecedented lines and stylistic innovations. Yet she’s a tangible reality, not just a prime number, since her strong and elusive character takes true form in her futuristic profile with a 13-metre beam. “Unique 71” is the result of the expressive thinking of the SkyStyle design studio headed by Lucas M. Colombo and Maximiliano Pardo, who with eclectic experience and refined vision have conceived and designed this splendid superyacht.

Colombo and Pardo clearly arrived at their first yachting appointment charged with determination and visions of new horizons, after their previous long and passionate work in the study and research of design. Their versatile expertise emerges in this vessel in the way no element has been left to chance, but rather every detail expressed with attentive eye.

Hearing the narration of their philosophy and inspiration brings everything into perspective: “Unique 71 is the result of a perfect balance, without unacceptable compromises. Our idea is to radically combine rational and emotional values, to create huge contrast, strong flavor and eventually, a spectacular vision. This represents what design essentially means to us: balance, between art and functionality”. 

And their design essence translates perfectly to the current concept, borne with a green soul from the very start: “The yacht aims to look and work as the most dynamic speedform, featuring a silhouette that excites you and leaves you breathless, thanks to her proportions, cleanness and three-dimensional surfaces. These surfaces “protect” the whole frontal body, defining the most hydro and aerodynamic hull and shell shapes. Efficient use of energy is, of course, one of the core goals at the base of this project.”

As the studio notes, the interior space and rear deck area are “protected”, but then also, suddenly uncovered along a very defined styling line, executed in glossy precious metal coating, The effect is an artistic division of the yacht in two completely different worlds: the “speedform” and the functionally livable yacht.

Her layout, in fact, is thought out in consideration of the best possible functional and livable terms.

Once the usability of the different areas, interior spaces and the different decks was defined, the rational architecture was dressed in smooth and generous surfaces, delimited by just a few artistic lines, adding strong emotional touches to the sculptural shell.

From the side view, one can easily appreciate the clean and rapidly descending front line, defining the yacht’s extremely sporty character. On a 71m at this level, such stylistic results are very difficult to find.

One of the strongly characteristic features of this concept is certainly the bow, with its predominant aesthetic and functional conformation. Vertical and sharp, the prow operates as a ruthless blade, cutting the water to maximum effect, while the surfaces flanking the edge follow with incredibly smooth water displacement. Viewing this exemplary feature, we can clearly understand how the object, the vessel, fearlessly penetrates the liquid mass.

The upper frontal surfaces are transparent, of course with a “smart regulable” shading system. In this way, the owner’s deck gains an optimally illuminated ceiling, which can also be set to automatically open for natural sea-air refreshment.

The tops of these surfaces are almost completely covered with translucent solar cells. Behind the command cabin there is a 65m2 sky-lounge-sundeck, with extra jacuzzi, equipped with all the necessary (but hidden) accessories for relaxation in this multipurpose area. The possibilities multiply still further when the touch-and-go helipad is unoccupied.

Continuing the side view towards stern, one can see how the lines literally fade out, emphasizing the speedform and lightness of the sculptural shell.

The rear livable area offers very generous spaces. Including a large pool with border relaxing zone, where you can sit, lounge or generally enjoy and chill in water of only 10 cm depth.

There is also the option of automatically covering the pool, increasing deck surfaces by around a 25%.

Last, but not least, at the rearmost section of the tail, a huge gate swivels between roles as a giant sun protector or illuminating cap surface, depending on the time of day when enjoying the area. Here, a sublime table can also be set for up to 12, for unforgettable meals and moments at water’s level.

The vertical glass skin physically divides the exterior and interior spaces. Despite this, the inside does not feel at all separated from the sea environment, thanks to the generous transparent surfaces surrounding all the social areas. One does feel comfortable and protected however, thanks again to this transparent limit, which of course has regulable opacity when desired for privacy, or to moderate the light by individual or general control over the glass panels.

Inside, the key aim was to gain generous shared spaces in the back area and then, approaching the bow, fully-equipped private suites for the owners and 10 guests.  The foremost housing therefore takes shape as four comfortable suites and a VIP suite, almost as generous as the owner’s master suite.

Moving from one deck to another by ultra-fast lift or the wraparound central staircase, guests can enjoy all possible types of comfort, entertainment and relaxation areas, ranging from a gym and sauna to a 12-seat theatre and billiard and bar room. The generous dimensions of the vessel allow configurations in many more layouts, further customized on request.

“Unique 71” is also about carefree fun, with lots of water toys and also possibilities of on-board diving equipment. For maximum sport there are two jet skis. All games and more serious operations are of course supported by a tender and rigid-inflatable boat, facilitating sea activities and transfers to and from the coast.

Adding to the design is the highly technological and operational command bridge (with strategically adjoining captain’s suite) through which he can manage all navigation, on-board activities and direction over the crew. The 16 crew members receive generous spaces forward on the lower deck for rest and relaxation, in the form of eight dedicated twin rooms and a spacious private galley.

The project also hides unprecedented technologies, used for the first time on this project and still under strict secrecy, but with contributions from translatable know-how in the worlds of aviation and luxury automobiles. A specific collaboration with KiPcreating of Florida, specialists in high-end creative visualization and smart automation, has been particularly important in this hi-tech area.

Sky Style’s aim of injecting feasibly futuristic visions with a positive attitude meets the extreme expectations of the longer-standing patrons and cognoscenti of this design studio: “What our clients know is that for us, just ‘ok’ is not at all ‘ok’. Only when we see that the result of our work takes their breath away, then we can say it’s ‘ok’.”

Unique 71 will continue to surprise and enthuse even after its world premiere appearance via SuperyachtOne. Clearly, this is just the beginning of an extremely interesting voyage, sure to be trend-setting in the long term.

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