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The legend of the griffin is original: cross the eagle, master of the skies, with the lion, master of the land, and you get the Griffin. Fincantieri Yachts has conceived the uniting of the two animals depicted in a single element, namely a yacht.

The legend of the griffin is original, to say the least: cross the eagle, master of the skies, with the lion, master of the land, and you get the Griffin. It is said that this being became the king of all creatures, and the custodian of immeasurable treasures, bringing together the best qualities of the eagle and the lion: majesty, bravery, power, grace and elegance.

Fincantieri Yachts has thus been inspired to call its new project Griffin.

The Italian shipbuilder has conceived the uniting of the two animals, kings of their own habitats, depicted in a single element, namely a yacht.

It is from their different traits that young designer Christopher Seymour, who lives and works in faraway Australia, responsible for the design of the Griffin’s exterior lines, and Guido de Groot, an expert designer of interior concepts, have developed a project characterised by its creativity and vision, managing to incorporate all the qualities of majesty and grace, power and lightness, functionality and beauty.

In keeping with the legend, the “Griffin” conceals a secret: that of being able to grow in size. The Griffin can be ordered in four sizes: from 66 metres to 77, 88 and even 99 metres. A veritable family of latest-generation yachts that allows potential owners to pick the right model according to their particular needs, all with a modern design and contemporary styling.

This Griffin includes a helipad, two swimming pools, one at the bow and the other at the stern, a Jacuzzi on the top deck and a lot of space for guests to enjoy. The interior furnishings are a combination of very light-coloured materials and darker elements, using fine woods, giving a sophisticated, warm and welcoming stylistic imprint. Spaces are bright thanks to the large panoramic windows, offering close contact with the sea.

The style is extended to the owner’s suite and the other bedrooms, offering accommodation for up to 12 guests and for a crew and staff of 15.

We hope to see this Griffin and all its secrets on the sea very soon, creating new legends.

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