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The new, striking 115m yacht project from Oceanco unveils the intense spirit of exploration evoking the primordial look of the ancient Maori canoes.


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Primordial Spirit
— Tuhura Concept
The Maori people have had an extraordinary sailing history over the centuries. The way they designed and made their canoes in order to adapt to their natural habitat has left a lasting and indelible mark on history.
The Maoris, with their timeless legacy, have sailed all over the Pacific Ocean for thousands of years. Their know-how, passed down from father to son in ancient rites within their coastal tribes, has survived up to the present day, preserved by small groups. Over the centuries they have been experts in the study of oceanic marine currents. Their ancestor memories have enabled them to travel thousands of miles on small, slimline vessels that have a flowing, practical design, moving from island to island and travelling long distances merely with the strength of their arms.

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This whole stylistic idea has been developed and transferred, in the same spirit of exploration, to the TUHURA, a new and striking project from OCEANCO.
In the ancient Maori language, “tuhura” means discovery. This idea lies at the heart of the concept and creation of this fantastic 115m yacht. The design of the exterior initially recalls the primordial and practical look of a canoe. This may be interpreted as evoking a part of Maori history while moving towards a fantastic future. We get the feeling that this craft will leave its mark on the modern-day boat-building industry, which is forever on the lookout for new design elements.

The external lines are smooth and harmonious. We might imagine being on board a canoe with its bow gliding easily through the waves. From the inside, its large windows offer great views yet the utmost discretion, as well as protection from the outside, privacy being guaranteed by retractable elements for balconies that in no way harm its image.

The interiors are sophisticated, with a minimum of walls. This leaves a lot of room for entertaining and joviality, thanks to large reception areas. There is a busy search for essentiality, with the extreme discovery of welcoming forms and interiors. Modernity is melded with a touch of style from eastern Asia and the Pacific islands, with the main inspiration being that of using brushed teak for the floors, walls and ceilings, including thin reveals in gunmetal and natural bronze with tatami floors.
Outside areas also make references to tribal gatherings. The main deck covers practically the whole length of the yacht, so that guests can live the experience together in one large space. The
sundeck has a large relaxation area, where everybody can gather around a Jacuzzi, to chat about the highlights of the day just ending.
The clever scalability adopted by Lobanov means that his masterful exterior design works well with the interior, and is inherently flexible, so that the yacht can be designed and built to any size, from 80 to 120 meters in length.

This new concept will undoubtedly be a milestone in the history of yachting, marking a break from the classic lines of the past, despite starting out from ancient lines. It is a veritable vision for a new way of considering what direction yachting will take.
We would like to imagine the Tuhura setting sail very soon to discover magical Polynesia, in a long and exciting exploration of the seas and isolated islands of the Pacific, guided by a skilful owner that is able to appreciate the sense of modernity of this project.


Main Info

Length 115m / 377ft
Draft 3.9m / 9.8ft
Speed 18 knots
Propulsion System Hybrid Contra Rotating Propeller System
(with ABB)
Exterior Designer Lobanov Design
Interior Designer Achille Salvagni
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