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Four rinomate design firms meet up with Comlux to propose interior completions enabling millionaires to give a unique flavour to the cabins of craft and to fully live up to their role of VVIPs

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The aviation world is very much alive and kicking. The skies are more crowded than ever, and the number of new-generation aircraft is growing enormously as the global economic recovery takes hold, and the number of millionaires rises. Many of whom are “millennials”, relative youngsters who want to move quickly from one part of the world to another, or more simply from one city to another in their own country. And with many keen to stand out from the super-rich crowd, even in the skies above, the opportunity has arisen for specialist businesses to offer a ready response to the demand for enhancements to craft that are already exceptional in technological and engineering terms. Interior completions enable millionaires to give a unique flavour to the cabins of craft that we have all flown in on our travels, and to fully live up to their role of VVIPs!     

This has led to research into new technologies and software, faster design times and virtual testing, new materials offering new sensory experiences in addition to purely practical needs. Thus new products and services, offered in ever briefer time frames, with ever shorter lead times.

The experience of Comlux, one of the world’s leading companies in the sphere of business aviation and interior completions, shows what can be achieved in this sphere. A contest launched just over a year ago has led to the creation of four projects commissioned to world-renowned design firms for two aircraft models, the ACJ neo and BBJ MAX, the results of which will be submitted to clients. This set of projects shows in practice how a private jet can be structurally and technologically the same in terms of performance and range of action, yet can be given an original identity. With this model we can have one of the shortest completion cycles to date and optimise the lead-time execution for design, engineering and custom fabrication.

This service is particularly valid when one has to travel a lot, over long distances, and above all in the company of guests.

Modern projects offering a new level of comfort for air travellers, where gold taps and finishings have given way to cutting-edge interior design, where a change of fabric brand is no longer sufficient to change a concept. It is expected that every tiny detail is the result of a careful design in which nothing is left to chance.

So now we can admire the traits of four renowned design firms – Winch Design, Alberto Pinto Design, DesignQ and Unique Aircraft – that have been studying new materials for aircraft, seeking fresh solutions and listening more and more to their clients, who commission the creative project and then enjoy the benefits of being trendsetters.

Interior designers and artists that view the spaces inside the aircraft as a place to be lived while travelling, and that seek the utmost creativity in every square centimetre of valuable space.

In all likelihood the use of private jets will become more accessible to more people in the future. There are now, for example, Apps that offer private jet charters, in real time. But some regular flyers are more demanding, and desire not only comfort but also their own particular style when travelling. This road appears to be bearing fruit, seeing that two of the above projects have already attracted buyers. There will be a first delivery in early 2019 of a customised BBJ MAX, while a cabin completion of an Airbus ACJ320 NEO is scheduled for the end of 2019.

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