Gulfstream 600, take a Seat

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Gulfstream has recently presented the new G600 Jet, a model that has a more comfortable cabin and providing for customized choices for a modern mobility, as well as the new size and shape of the fuselage. 

Before adopting any new innovation in technology and style, the world of aviation has to run trials, test and fully certify the new functions and the aerodynamic details in order to guarantee the safety of every single aircraft. Behind every choice there are complex operations and checks to ensure the mobility required from a private commercial jet, with comfort better than expectations, an aspect that many aircraft manufacturers see as an exciting challenge to ensure market leadership.

In this exceptional challenge, Gulfstream, that has always been focused on these aspects, has recently presented the new G600 Jet, a model that has a more comfortable cabin than the previous models, and providing for customized choices of the cabin for a modern mobility, as well as the new size and shape of the fuselage, optimized to increase the spaces and headroom for greater comfort and freedom of movement, With the new design process of the Gulfstream cabin, we can recreate the interior ambient with four different areas that can be customized and equipped with advanced acoustic technology to reduce vibration and noise, and make the interior more silent.

We can find a comfortable relaxation area with the latest ample adjustable soft leather seats, which improve posture during flight and provide more room for moving your elbows, shoulders and head; then there are the roomy couches for rest and relaxation. The sturdy foldaway tables enhance productivity and entertainment thanks to high definition video and audio communications systems, perfectly integrated with the cabin design. There is also room for a double bed where you can fully stretch your legs, and a shower to freshen up before disembarking so that you are fully ready before a meeting.

To increase entry of natural light, 14 oval windows have been installed, the largest ones in the sector, with electric closing systems, offering a pleasant “open mind” sensation and a reduction of claustrophobia. Together with the improved air conditioning and pressurization system, bringing 100% fresh air into the aircraft, they reduce the jet lag effect.

In this new approach, there is the opportunity to customize the interiors with quality materials and colour combinations for walls and furnishings, to make the stay on-board more pleasant according to each customer’s tastes.

This solution is also surprising for its technological and engineering aspects, which improve navigation performance and makes the complex work of the pilots easier

When we enter the new “intuitive” cockpit, we have unexpected room for moving, with the introduction of the new generation control panel with 10 touchscreens instead of lots of buttons, lights and gauges. There are more possible functions and new generation software with flight programmes and scenarios that can be accurately used, also in case of emergency.

The two traditional central control sticks for the pilots have been replaced by the Symmetry Flight Deck Moncon, very easy to use, interchangeable ergonomic joysticks, connected to produce the same feedback, touch and high flight sensitivity for the two pilots, while significantly reducing the work in all the phases. With the enhanced vision system, the pilots have greater awareness in situations of poor visibility thanks to the smart head-up display, making takeoff and landing safer.

Together with lots of new technology we also find the aerodynamics improved and supported by the power of the new Pratt & Whitney engines designed for speeds of up Mach 0.90, reaching the difficult best-in-class standard for fuel efficiency at lower speeds and for long hauls, so that distances like Geneva to Johannesburg can be flown non-stop, with full comfort, the final challenge in the field of modern private jets.

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Gulfstream 600, take a Seat