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Thanks to a new combined study on performance, design and technology we have the new G6500, an aircraft that combines fast travel with the comfort of more space and more headroom.

Two of the crucial points to overcome the challenge of modern travel, today as in the past, are time and stress. The lighter these factors are, the more people are willing to travel.

Since we are as yet unable to fly in space taking advantage of the lack of gravity to reduce flight times, many aircraft manufacturers have invested in technology and design with particular focus on a different approach to flying. A view that does not just measure flight time, but a range of elements helping travellers to improve their mobility while reducing times and improving comfort and services.


The response of Bombardier is very interesting if we try to look at it as a single, big solution reducing times and stress before departure and after landing.

Thanks to a new combined study on performance, design and technology we have the new G6500 by Bombardier, an aircraft with really interesting new aspects.

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The main feature of the 6500 is its longer range due to the new design of the aircraft, which can load more fuel and reach a speed of up to Mach 0.90 thus reducing flight time with the support of improved wing aerodynamics that also increase the stability. We should add the engineering solutions of the Rolls Royce engines with up to 13% less fuel consumption; and there is the advantage of travelling much further than in the past, up to 600 nautical miles, often reducing or even eliminating the need for fuelling stops.  We can add that this aircraft can utilize smaller airports with respect to international hubs with heavy traffic, such as London City, and we can imagine that it will be easier to reach the airport, avoiding air traffic jams or perhaps using an airport just near home. And we might fly from Sao Paulo to Paris or Moscow, from Los Angeles to Hong Kong or from Singapore to London, Toulouse and Madrid. With a lot less stress!

We can combine fast travel with the comfort of more space and more headroom, and enjoy the famous Nuage seats by Bombardier with new sizes and updated adjustment systems. When needed, the comfortable seat can be converted into a flat surface to sleep on and completely stretch out your legs, or into an elegant sofa around the table for working or meetings during the flight.

We have modern high definition entertainment services and internet connection for devices, definitely reducing any disconnection stress during the flight, and can get from one continent to the next without even noticing.

The in-flight service provided by selected professionals definitely makes the difference, and this vision has excellent chances of success.

The G6500 will be available from next year, but this new concept aircraft is already showing signs of being a good cure for stress.

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