Built by Lürssen Yachts, Shu is a 136m/446.19ft mega yacht named as the ancient Egypt divinity of light who broke through the primordial darkness. She brings with her an aura of new light.

In the world of the superyacht constructor, surpassing the 100-metre barrier is like breaking 10 seconds in the 100 metres: in that moment, you achieve a leap in category, positioning yourself in a fraction of time limited to a chosen few.

This is a thought that would enter in the mind of any yard proposing to build a gigayacht of more than 100 metres. Only a very few can compete among the so-called ‘three-figure’ yachts, as demonstrated by the figure of just over 40 present in the entire world. The SHU, a superyacht just given its seas trials in the Baltic, has cut out a special place in this special class.

SHU – a name suggesting the ancient Egypt the divinity of light who broke through the primordial darkness – runs in this very competition, bringing with her an aura of new light.

The SHU was built by Lürssen Yachts, the German manufacturer renowned for their focused specialisation in such sizes (the firm counts more than 10 yachts among the top 20 in the world in this special class), and designed by Espen Oeino, an established designer, with many yachts among the top 20. Together, they have launched this splendid boat, 136 metres long and, no less important, 20.5 metres wide.

Espen Oeino has traced an elegant aesthetic for the SHU, running graceful lines along the huge volume, creating a surprising and unique aspect. The colour of the hull represents a daring choice, abandoning total white and rewarding originality and light, in a shift towards new and colourful adventures.

Within this balance of colours, the external profiles are proportioned in favour of generous areas on the upper deck, for the most imaginative of uses, from opulent full sun and open entertainment zones to more shaded and intimate spaces.

Two helipads are provided on the upper levels of the megayacht: one on the top deck with a diameter of 18 metres, readily accommodating any civil helicopter on the market, and another on the lower fore-deck with a diameter of 14 metres: a combination allowing simultaneous last-minute arrivals and departures for owners and guests, or simply for ease in boarding a substantial wardrobe. The profile reveals glimpses of the terraces, and the sea platforms allowing guests ready access at water level. These areas offer the most modern, entertaining toys and water games, or the opportunity for pure and simple relaxation. Of course, there are also the huge swimming pool, extending almost 15 metres across the main aft deck, and hot tubs located on other decks.

We are still to be informed of all the choices drawn by the famous pen of Mark Berryman Design, but from what we have been told, we can imagine calm, spacious and relaxing environments in soft neutral tones, and tactile finishes of a thousand and one nights, all reminding us of the yacht’s imposing volumes.

Peter Lürssen himself proudly states: “SHU meets the demands of an experienced owner in an exceptional way. Their input was clear, strong and demanding, in all aspects of the yacht design. We’re proud of this achievement: she represents another milestone in our history. “

The design and construction procedure for such a complex project is readily apparent. Nothing is left to improvisation; all is aimed at the search for the best solutions, through careful planning of all phases, relying on one or more talented Project Managers who plan and guide work phases pursued at different production and logistics points. These units integrate with a team chosen by the owner’s representative, ensuring the confidence and trust of those who will enjoy the pleasures of this great toy, throughout all processes. The programming of the different phases can last several months, an approach which ensures that deadlines are met, costs contained, and promises met in the delivery of a dream boat, pursuing shared choices in all aspects. For SHU, Imperial Yachts was chosen as overall project supervisor and in the important role as Owner Representative, given their deep experience as build managers.

Although few shipyards are currently able to take on projects at the level of SHU, the race to build new sea giants is entering full swing. The future will be increasingly competitive and Lürssen has positioned itself as market leader, through manoeuvres such as the acquisition of Blom+Voss ‒ indicating a strategy extending beyond the coming decade. This is a shipyard that has grown through the contributions of four generations since its founding in 1875. The current working group totals a full 2700 people, plus an additional 700 engineers and naval architects, situated in eight facilities operating in different areas: new production, refitting and repair, post-sales, and of course intensive R&D. Because the challenges never end for those planning to remain at the top, in any field of intense competition.

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