This aggressively yacht built demonstrates clear links with the shark. The wing stations bear a distinct resemblance to this natural predator, while the mast profile is shaped like a fin, in contrast to the flowing rhythms of the hull.

Launched recently following testing in the North Sea, in the wake of great expectations for its innovative and original design, and certainly for its size and length of no less than 90 meters (295 feet), comes the Shark, the latest addition from Oceanco. This aggressively beautiful yacht demonstrates clear links with one of the best-known predators of the oceans. The resemblance to the shark – specifically the hammerhead – seems obvious. The wing stations, when viewed from above, bear a distinct resemblance to this natural predator, while the mast profile is shaped like a fin, in contrast to the flowing rhythms of the hull. The shark is known for its broad field of vision, a characteristic reflected in the panoramic views from the ship’s gigantic black windows. The underlying hull, with its long and fluid appearance, maximum width of 14.2 metres, and dark colours merging into the white of the terraces, brings to mind a forward leap, and establishes the character of a dominator of the sea, in this case with a top speed of 18.5 knots.

This splendid megayacht has been penned by two confirmed designers: Luiz de Basto, for the exterior lines, in interpretations shared by an expert owner who has serious concerns for privacy, and Nuvolari Lenard studios, responsible for the interiors ‒ again developing original and highly confidential solutions. Indeed, the entire upper deck has been reserved for the owner, without walkaround passages. At this level, a hot tub situated under the fore-deck roof captures spectacular views in complete privacy. But this is also the yacht of a hospitable owner, offering guests a much larger lower-deck swimming pool with ample surrounding spaces: solutions that significantly increase opportunities for outdoor living and direct contact with the marine environment.

The massive black windows of the superstructure conceal the ship’s interior mysteries. From here, thanks to the latest advances in glass technology, owner and guests enjoy panoramic views, from floor to ceiling, in all directions. It will be some time before we can discover the full details of the Nuvolari Lenard interiors, although we do know that the main theme is nature, expressed through motifs ranging from blossom cascades to feathers, fish and waves. The materials and finishes include fine fabrics, wallpaper and 3D lacquer, accents of metal surfaces and 3D cut leather panels, details in tinted Brazilian carballo wood, and copious use of gray bleached maple. The quality of these bespoke finishes is guaranteed by fine craftsmanship, and tastefully combined in the different interiors.

Oceanco brings this new giant to the sea in further expression of its own positive trend, confirming itself among the top international players in the category. Other recent successes include the Black Pearl, a sailboat of 106 metres – demonstrating this shipbuilder’s wide-ranging capacities.

Oceanco’s long-term vision and strategic positioning are also demonstrated in its investments in design and construction of yachts of futuristic design, at times attracting sharp comment. Witness the recent Tuhura project, recalling the forms of legendary Maori canoes, in a design between past and future. Choices such as this promise the definition of an entire generation, imprinting fruitful lines and shaping a wave that we hope will continue.

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