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Pink Gin VI is the second very large yacht launched by Baltic during over the course of 44 years. It stands out for its interiors, in decidedly original design, both in terms of functions and styles, and with influences from past and present.

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In recent years the big names in sailboat building have felt the pressures of change, stemming from the complexity of the financial period. This has pushed many brands to change their strategies, in different directions. While some have maintained their traditional DNA unaltered, others have entered the world of motor yachts, and some, like Baltic Yachts, have chosen to accelerate and focus development on new technologies, expand their know-how, and so maintain their essence in the category of sailing superyachts.

This approach received remarkable recognition in 2017, with the launch of Pink Gin VI, a yacht benefitting from the performance pedigree of naval architects judel/vrolijk & co., and the inventiveness of Design Unlimited for the interior and cockpit ergonomics. Pink Gin VI ranks as one of the world’s largest-ever sloops in carbon fibre, built through a complex engineering and construction program which gained significant reductions in weight and equivalent advantages in performance, while also building on Baltic Yachts’ deep experience in composite materials.

Pink Gin VI can easily take on global cruises, with its silver-plated 53.34m/175 ft hull. It stands out for its interiors, in decidedly original design, both in terms of functions and styles, and with influences from past and present. Two features making an immediate impression are the teak openings, forming a balcony off the owner’s suite and a side entrance to the main lobby that operates at the touch of a button.

A similar arrangement on the left side of the main saloon creates a large entrance hall leading to the forward saloon, or to the large aft galley. The forward opening measures 1.86 x 1.93 m in height and width; the opening to the after saloon is 1.89 m X 2.64 m ‒ definitely large spans. This is the second very large yacht launched by Baltic During over the course of 44 years, accommodating up to ten guests, in addition to the owner, in luxurious cabins with unique and original charm.

Among the high-tech details are the imposing carbon-fibre single mast, 67.9m/223 ft in height, with maximum windward sail surface of 1,322 m2, quickly stowed via remote control and without crew support; a bulb keel drawing 7 metres of water, retractable to 4.5 metres for access to shallow areas; and a new-generation steering system with feedback, transmitting sensations close to those of direct navigation.

The three-part design of the carbon-fibre hull gained better access for construction, ensuring speed and maximum precision. Each part was scanned in 3D imaging, so that the team could assemble the hull with fine control. As in the best clinics, highly technological equipment, like ultrasound, was used to check the shell in search of any imperfections.

As well as pleasure in technology, the pauses from sailing will also be enjoyable. The stern opens into a splendid retractable platform, descending to water’s edge in 12 steps, equipped with swim ladder, lighting and cable safety barriers, all of which folds back into the hull in preparation for navigation.

Also at stern is a large sunbathing area, another leisure area accessible via a stairway to the accommodation areas, the double ship’s wheel, with control panel and excellent lines of to the sail deck, plus monitoring screens and sail and machinery controls. The forward control cabin includes a comfortable and distinctive dining room, for pleasant company and superb views.

In proportion with her dimensions, Pink Gin VI is equipped with V-12 MAN diesel motor, boasting 1400 horsepower, with a variable-pitch propeller. Its systems permit cruising speeds of 13 knots in optimal conditions for this kind of sail yacht, and full voyages along the world’s most beautiful coasts in absence of any wind. To further improve the experience, the cabin modules “float” on rubber insulators, and composite-material acoustic shields surround the generators, reducing noise to a minimum and leaving only the sound of ocean breezes.

The originality applied in the interior functions of this sailing yacht is surprising and impeccable. The owner previewed and tested all the main spaces in 1:1 scale, through construction of mock-up modules: a technique constantly gaining ground in northern boatyards, and offering further advantages in lesser construction times and costs, but especially in terms of meeting the owner’s needs, through physical perception of the future dimensions of the yacht.

On board are art objects, including beautiful marble statuary, and iconic objects such as a pink piano, set in the play of light and dark of the walls and wooden floors – all creating a unified blend of exotic adventure and extreme comfort, with a slightly retro taste for experienced navigators.  

This is taste worthy of the name – Pink Gin – slightly mystical, given the legendary history of this drink, once a medicine to combat sea sickness, then transformed into a delight for the enjoyment of all on board, thanks to the intuition and some inventive genius on the part of certain members of the Royal Navy, and finally becoming a famous cocktail in the 1970s.

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