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A special request came from a passionate fan of Ferrari, bringing his own vision, inspired by specific, and quite re-cent, Ferrari models. Created by the Design Centre, the client’s expectations were fully satisfied with the new SP38.

The SP38 is the latest One-Off Ferrari vehicle to come out of Ferrari’s design centre. Over the past couple of years, the One-Off programme has been releasing spectacular, tailor-made automobiles. This is not limited to the choice of fabrics, coloured stitching and leather upholstering, now common to the offers of major automobile brands, but the client can now also have a say on external design elements, and make major changes to the chassis and mechanical parts, without betraying the Ferrari tradition.

In the case of the SP38 a special request came from a passionate fan of Ferrari and motor racing, bringing his own vision, inspired by specific, and quite recent, Ferrari models. Created by the Design Centre, the client’s expectations were fully satisfied, with a vehicle that can be driven on the road and on the track, and admired everywhere, expressing all the beauty and sportiness of a Ferrari, including its traditional competitiveness, and highlighting the brand’s unmistakable innovative spirit.

The SP38 has taken as its “muse” the chassis and running gear of the 488 GTB, which in turn was inspired by the 308 GTB. This shows that the client’s vision is fully in keeping with the Ferrari history and legend.

Immediately visible is the original bodywork: three layers of metallic red specially conceived to make it unique. The design renders it a powerful, modern, masculine and youthful sports car.

As well as traits borrowed from the 488GTB and 308GTB models, the twin-turbo, twin-intercooler architecture references the evergreen and iconic F40. 

The biggest difference with the 488 GTB is the wedge design, concentrated on the rear wheels, extending towards the front, resulting in an unusual visual mass.  

From above, the tapered nose expands towards the muscular wheelarches. The slim headlights with daytime running lights, now mandatory almost everywhere, are positioned to add a bit of character, while the thin front bumper lip references the 308 GTB with a touch of class.

Along the sides the air scoop of the 488 GTB is unmistakable, concealed by the sheet metal of the body folding in on itself from the low beltline on the door and into the rear wheelarch and the three-quarter light.

A surprising element is the dynamic design above the engine cover, where glass is dispensed with, giving way to a single carbon fibre flip-up assembly, with shutlines down the flanks that are very reminiscent of the F40. The three transversal slats across the bonnet disperse engine heat, while the majestic rear spoiler references the famous rear wing of the F40. The trailing edge of the spoiler fits seamlessly with the wing and with the aerodynamic diffuser beneath, creating an alluring frame around the tail volume.

The rear volumes create quite a visual impact, acting also as a practical aid to air flows to the intercooler, positioned underneath the side window.

We have seen little so far of the cabin trim designed by the Tailor Made Department, but we can imagine it will be based on the 488GTB. And that is not a bad starting point!

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