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Where merchant ships and entire war fleets of the Roman Empire once sailed, the grandest and most exclusive yachts of the world now come to berth. This is where Port Tarraco has arisen.

For more than 2000 years, a particular place in the Mediterranean has been busy writing its own incredible history, thanks to its strategic location. That place is Tarraco, a meeting point through the centuries, for thousands of cultures. Tarraco, now better known as Tarragona, lying in the northeast of Spain and at the heart of Catalonia, is the modern interpretation of the most important navigation crossroads in the entire area. Here, where merchant ships and entire war fleets of the Roman Empire once sailed, the grandest and most exclusive yachts of the world – the so-called ‘giga-yachts’ – now come to berth.

This is where Port Tarraco has arisen: a marina taking its names from the historic locality, and recalling thesplendor of the ancient Roman empire. Today, this port serves as the cradle of Catalonia, with all its nuances and exceptional architectural feats, its still vibrant history, and as a point of departure for the natural harbors of departure for the natural harbors of the most beautiful and popular European sea resorts, including Ibiza (118 NM), Cote d’Azur (300 NM) and Sardinia (340 NM), and clear sailing onward to the coasts of Sicily and all the passages of the Greek islands.

Its deep waters can accommodate as many as 64 giga-yachts of up to 160 meters, and has already proven its capacities in hosting even the largest yachts of the world, including Azzam, at 180 meters, thus positioning the Port Tarraco among the world’s most impressive marinas.

As Marc Colls, General Manager of Port Tarraco, highlights “Port Tarraco is totally projected to the future and can satisfy yachting berthing needs for the next 20+ years”. The Marina is equipped with everything that yachts of this size could need: 6600V/2000VA electrical services, sufficient to illuminate an entire stadium; fresh water supplies to fill an Olympic pool, and fuelling capacities adequate for cruise ships (keeping mind that these yachting beauties can take on up to 1 million liters of diesel).

The owners are guaranteed round-the-clock security and tailored services, including areas reserved for crewmembers in need of a moment of relaxation (pub, disco, etc.). The Marina offers shopping and entertainment areas, bars, restaurants, pubs and fitness clubs, along with access to nearby facilities dedicated to popular sports, like golf and tennis – even paddle-boating (very popular in Latin countries). Available services include access to a long list of adventure excursions and extreme sports.

However, the most welcoming aspect is clearly the convivial atmosphere, taken in company with constant sea breezes. In summer, outdoor concerts and shows provide a season worthy of true relaxation.

The Marina connects directly with the old town, where visitors can search out the many sites and monuments dating to the times when Tarraco was a Roman colony; the 2nd-century Roman amphitheater overlooking the Mediterranean, the necropolis, the remains of the forum, still surrounded by city walls; or lose themselves in a stroll along the ramparts of the Passeig Arqueològic, with its magical views of the city Tarragona is also alive with beautiful and world-famous traditions: the festivities of Santa Tecla; the famous “castell” human towers – listed as Intangible World Heritage, and exciting re-enactments of medieval history.

Tarragona lies at the center of the enchanting Costa Dorada, with still further territories of relaxation and good living, stretching moments of refreshment into a long and pleasant holiday.

A short distance away is Port Aventura World, a Caribbean theme park for pure leisure. The most daring and passionate of the Red Ferrari can also try their hand at the recently developed Ferrari Land park, joining in breathtaking real or virtual races.

Also, nearby is cosmopolitan Barcelona, satisfying any demand for the most cultured or wildest nightlife.

Tarragona and Port Tarraco are easily reached by air, via the international airports of Reus, just a few minutes away, or Barcelona, both of which connect Tarragona with the Europe’s most important cities, in not more than of a few hours. There are plenty of easy excuses to discover this place of Latin charm, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000.

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