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Finding a padel tennis court is not always an easy task and choosing to build one on board will save quite an amount of time in order to keep the passion running. No compromises were made in developing what can be considered to be a sports hall on board the 98m S/Y Aviva.

Aviva is one of the most beautiful and original superyachts launched in 2017. Its tonnage, with an aluminium superstructure and a steel hull, is truly awesome (5000 GRT), while its charm, featuring a modern and futuristic style, can be sensed at a glance thanks to its extremely neat and smooth lines and the well-thought-out selection of the four colours used, the combination of which conjures up high technology and unique details. The blue colouring of the hull makes the yacht look less tall, the bright metal silver-coloured superstructure reflects the blue of the sky and helps reduce the apparent volume, while the black frames of the windows and walls of the superstructure ensure a smoother design. And then there is the hull, whose colour blends in perfectly with the sea.

In some languages Aviva means “spring”, full of colours and fantasy recalling the season of the awakening. A name the shipowner is particularly fond of, as proven by the decision to call his new yacht with the same name as the previous smaller yacht, changing however its design and on-board philosophy entirely.

It is long as many as 98 metres and is 17 metres wide and can reach speeds of up to 20 knots, with a cruising speed of 14 knots. Alternatively, she can run up to 11 knots using new-generation quiet electrical engines, which help keep fuel consumption low. In addition, its design, with a curvilinear and round hull, significantly adds to the yacht stability and seaworthiness, while conveying a certain masculinity.

Aviva is the result of the evolution and maturity of her shipowner, who felt the desire to maximise roominess in an original fashion—rediscovering the pleasure to live on board for long periods, as long as 10 months per year—and, therefore, create a stable residence where hobbies and comforts may be enjoyed.

But let’s take a closer look at how this project was developed.

After the experience of the first 68-metre Aviva more than 10 years ago with Abeking & Rasmussen and Toby Silverton’s and Reymond Langton Design’s consultancy, the shipowner relied once again on the same team and builder, following what is most probably one of the sports golden rules most cherished by winning coaches: “Never change a winning team”. Not content with the gym on board his previous yacht, the owner explained his sports needs to the team—probably to convey a new sense of uniqueness and original touch to his yacht—asking them to develop a design not seen before, larger interiors ensuring greater roominess and featuring an area inside the yacht that would allow him to indulge in his great passion, padel tennis, while welcoming his guests (up to twelve) and his crew (up to thirty five members) in utter comfort.

Finding a padel tennis court is not always an easy task, especially at seaside resorts, and choosing to build one on board will save quite an amount of time in order to keep the passion running.

For those who are less acquainted with padel tennis, it is a sport involving very fast movements and reaction times that was came about in 1969 out of an idea of Mexico’s Enrique Corquera, who also wrote down the regulations. The sport is based on the principle that the playing area also includes the surrounding walls, where the ball is allowed to bounce off according to special rules. It became popular especially in Latin countries. Indeed, Argentineans and Spaniards have been ruling the international scene for decades. However, this sport enjoys enthusiasts all over the world, one of them being Aviva’s shipowner who took the idea of this sport to extremes by urging the team to identify an adequately spacious area where to build the court as well as external smooth and proportionate lines, while ensuring that play on board would not be overly affected by the sea’s natural movements, with powerful stabilisers being installed for this very purpose.

In detail, a padel tennis court is 20 metres long and 10 metres wide, and 6-metre ground clearance is recommended, complete with the related walls. A modern challenge won by the philosophy of keeping fit and keeping one’s guests and crew fit, as you cannot play on your own, making this on-board experience unique and original.

No compromises were made in developing what can be considered to be a sports hall on board a superyacht which seems to comply with all requirements to host official matches. In good weather conditions, playing while cruising could be attempted, thereby making the game more challenging and affording one-of-a-kind experience.

Aviva was designed in as little as six months and built in less than three years as a result of an intense effort and with the aid of 3D development technologies, new-generation software and, last but not least, a close-knit team that was able to rely on unparalleled know-how made available through the experience gained by Toby Silverton in the aircraft industry.

Aviva is not just the yacht with the largest padel tennis court on board: indeed, the spot-on pure and seamless line of the hull from bow to stern extolling its length is truly astounding. The hull is very neat, there are no railings or other embellishments which, together with the grouping of long-shaped and round-shaped windows, cause the eyes to focus on the yacht’s length.

The aft windows of all decks, together with the sundeck windshield, create an entire continuous surface providing an uninterrupted and modern view. Both halls are fitted with windows from floor to ceiling. The upper hall, which also serves as the main hall, features nine metres of glass side sliding walls and folding bulwarks providing an astonishing experience with truly limitless views.

Emphasising the attention to external details are the outdoor floors, where one can appreciate the different fantasies of the patterns with the Esthec decking, which can be best admired from above.

As you explore Aviva’s interiors, you come across intriguing light and shadows effects created by architectural lighting systems set in the walls, portraying a future yet to be seen.

Aviva is and will be one of the yachts that, due to its design and size, will remain on the radar screen of ship owners who want to take the cue for new interpretations on possible original and creative uses to be implemented with new constructions. Undoubtedly, a challenge to be picked up with sportsmanship and healthy competition.

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