Here you can restore your spirit and detach your mind from the monotony and the stress of city life

Saint Moritz is an iconic resort, embodying the idea of a perfect lifestyle for those wanting to experience the beauty of the mountains when the temperature dips. Its fascination is very much tied up with its past, a heritage of sophistication unique for a mountain resort, with the breathtaking view of a lake. This is a timeless place, where you can restore your spirit and detach your mind from the monotony of city life and the stress of work, taking refuge in a sophisticated and elegantly isolated setting.

The joyful and genuine atmosphere combines with the rigour of a tradition and identity that have been preserved for decades, in complete harmony. Wooden sleds have given way to ultrafast, high-tech sleds of champions competing for world championship medals.

In a nod to the past, yesteryear’s extreme sports can be experienced here, with the historic horse-drawn skiing races and the elegance of the elite and exclusive Snow Polo Tournament, as spectators sip glasses of ice-cold champagne, pleasantly wrapped up in a warm. In addition to traditional foods, new gourmet dishes are being prepared by famous chefs, who are also competing here to present the most creative dish.

And guests are well versed in fine foods and fine wines. The day starts with breakfast on the terrace, with the sun warming your face and cooling your gaze with a breathtaking view of the snow, an anticipation of the exciting downhill skiing with fresh snow cover on the peaks, which can be reached by helicopter. After a pleasantly tiring day on the piste, you can return to a very pleasurable plunge in the exclusive spa baths, also a favourite of non-skiers.

This resort is the height of fashion, with stores promoting the top brands in fashion, jewellery and, of course, watches: it is indeed a great place for lovers of timepieces. The unique atmosphere created with the lights and stars makes the resort a a real treat in the evening, when there is always something to do.

From December to April of the finest hotels in the area, the Carlton Hotel St. Moritz, is open for business. It is famous for its historic character and privacy, and for the extravagant world of colours of its suites, created by Swiss designer Carlo Rampazzi. Here you will be able watch in comfort some major events, such as the White Turf horse racing event, while a lucky few can book the Carlton penthouse, the largest suite in St. Moritz, all 386 square metres of it.

All suites are south facing, with a breathtaking view over the Lake of St. Moritz and the surrounding mountains, and the 1,200 square-metre Carlton Spa also offers countless opportunities to withdraw, relax and unwind. Culinary excellence is celebrated in both restaurants: three-star Michelin chefs Enrico and Roberto Cerea at the restaurant Da Vittorio, and the Romanoff offers fine authentic Swiss cuisine in elegant surroundings, thanks to Chef Gero Porstein.

To complete the experience, there are pleasant public areas of the hotel, such as the lobby with its two original fireplaces on the spaciously appointed Bel Etage, offering guests an array of different places to read, relax and savour the moment. Above the hotel’s main entrance is a large sun terrace with an amazing panoramic view of the mountains and Lake of St. Moritz.

For anyone seeking an unforgettable winter experience in a place that more a shrine than a resort, St. Moritz is the place to be this coming winter.

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